Balayya Scarifies his desire For Fans

        Regarding Balayya’s 100th movie everday a new combination is coming on the scene. Every one thought that Balayya’s 100th movie is with Legend’s and  Dictator’s director Boyapati who gave are blockbusters to him. But Balayya told that his 100th is not with Boyapati. He is Sangeetham Srinivas Rao who gave unforgettable hit Aditya 369 and Balayya’s next movie is Aditya 999 and story for this movie is given by Balayya himself.

        Balayya likes his fans very much. He sacrificed one thing for his fans. Balayya was told by his fans that movie Aditya 369 does not suit now a days. Therefore for fans sake Balayya was not going to make the movie. After knowing that Krishna Vamsi has good story with him Balayya asked for that story and is listening to the story for his 100th movie.

        After getting call from the Balayya, Krishna Vamsi immediately went to him and told his story to him. Balayya also liked the story. Balayya gave suggestions to make some changes in the story. Krishna Vamsi told that he will meet balayya after making changes in the story as information from the sources.  Also the movie is made under the Varahi pictures banner.