I Fell in Love :Tamanna

             Tamanna first acted in the movie “Sree” as a heroine at seventeen years old. She stopped her education at the intermediate . But the “Sree” movie is flop and there are no movies to act. Again with “Happy Days” movie she became a big heroine. After that she became big heroine in Kollywood and Bollywood by continuously acting in the movies.

              Recently Tamanna told about her childhood love. When she was studding intermediate she has a close friend. She daily goes to her close friend’s house. She goes to her close friend’s house not her friend. But for his friend’s brother. She praises that he looks very beautiful.

              But on one day she expressed her love to him. At that time she is sixteen years old and he told that he likes her to treat as his sister equally with his own sister. He advised that she feels love due to her age. But he made Tamanna to accept  that it is wrong to feel love at that age.

             Tamanna  says  that she did not forget him and if any of the person like him come again in her life she surely does not lose  him. She is a great woman since she did not forget the person she loved. Whatever it is we wish that same person may come across his life.