Kabali Review From USA

Superstar Rajinikanth must be duly appreciated for choosing Pa Ranjith. He has always had an eye for the contemporary talents of any given period. That’s how he has chosen Pa Ranjith.One disappointment for Rajini fans is that it is not an out-and-out Rajinikanth film but a bit of Ranjith film too, in fact in a higher proportion.However, Ranjith does justice because you can’t see only heroism, as in Lingaa, which led to its failure. You want to see directorial skill too. And Ranjith does deliver!

Kabali’s story is not greatly novel, except for the twist in the climax, which is a sad negative end as Ranjith said (though we won’t reveal what it is now, as it will be a huge spoiler). Don’t worry, Rajinikanth doesn’t die but it’s a sad ending nonetheless.Kabaleeswaran whose parents migrated from India to Malaysia have traditionally been laborers. So, Rajinikanth also hails from a poor family. He continues as just another laborer before the Don in him wakes up, after laborers get ill treated by their bosses. Here, there is nothing new and it’s all cliched, as it’s the same “Hero-meets-heroine, falls in love, saves her and they marry”

However, the scene in which the confrontation with Winston Chao and the young Rajinikanth is sure to get the whistles tearing through the roof! Action scenes are so well conceived and shot that it shows both the firepower of Rajinikanth and the directorial skill, acumen, finesse and talent of Pa Ranjith.Till the interval, though long, it’s very fast paced with not a great story or anything. But after interval, we are in for a serious emotional drama, where Pa Ranjith comes to the fore. The drama gets emotionally gripping and, at times, heart-churning.The female characters Radhika Apte and Riythvika deliver the finest performances of their careers. Sai Dhansikaa is seen in a suave and stylish role (which we won’t reveal what character she plays), which caters to action lovers. Women may even begin to style themselves like Dhansikaa. The female roles are hugely powerful.

You don’t need to mention much of Rajinikanth who strikes awe in every frame with his majestic screen presence. Santhosh Narayanan’s equally fiery and blazing instrument-wielding prowess gives Thalaivar Rajinikanth the perfect pedestal for us to admire what he is!The climax is positive, though thankfully not linear, and predictability has been avoided. It feels that the pre-climax scene suffices but Pa Ranjith is a director, who aspires to be a director of class. So, he has that ambiguous climax, which can give rise to a sequel, if Kabali is well-received. We won’t tell you what happens. But we can say, it’s similar to Nayagan, though not fully so.

Kabali is going to be ready for fans but we should wait and see how well it is received, especially to see if the ambiguous climax will be well-received!

Rating: 3.25/5

Source:One of Friend