Mahesh Babu angry on Srikantha Addala

              Srikanth Addala is introduced as director with “Kotha Bangaru Lokam” movie. In a short time he was along with top directors and directed multi starer movie “ Sithamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu” with heros Venkatesh , Mahesh acting in it.. After that next movie “ Mukunda” is a big flop. But Mahesh Babu gave second opportunity for Srikanth. Mahesh Babu was  angry with the director.

                People already spoked about the  Srikanth Addala’s movies will not have proper starting and endings. He proved it again. Srikanth is not following the accepted story and is making movie with certain changes, So Mahesh babu  showed seriousness on Srikanth in “ Bhramothsavam” movie sets.

                Also the movie is set more than three hours and does not know how long it is going to be set. So Mahesh was angry with Srikanth. The cinema after completion is set for 4 hours and in the editing if the scenes are cutoff then the flow will be missing. Also the movie misses the continuity of story and looks harsh. Therefore Mahesh was harsh and angry with Srikanth.

                 Mahesh Babu was never so much angry with any director in  the whole career. Mahesh showed so much angriness on srikanth because he changed the story on his own is the information known