Puri Jagannadh’s Remix

               Remix is creating lot of excitement in the film industry because even though the title of the movie is known, nothing is known about the story. Generally whenever a star director mentions the name of the movie there will be a lot of discussions on the movie between film analysts. This time Speed director Puri Jagannath has mentioned the name of  his next movie  was “ Remix”.

               When the name of the movie is mentioned there is a lot of debate and analysis from  the film resources. Generally Puri Jagannath makes complete social story movie and implements characters with large roles in the movie. The name of the movie also plays important role in the success of the movie.

               Generally the discussion about the movie is what Puri Jagannath is going to make in the movie and what is the style or art of the movie. Now the option for puri Jagannath  is work in order to make Remix a hit because his previous movie is Loafer is not hit.

               Even though Loafer has good talk it failed to make sufficient collections at the box office. This happened because previously He and his team revealed the story by expressing the story. In the  movie there are no highlight scenes. Only Varun Tej action and songs are good in the movie.