YSRCP Goes Un noticed in Nellore and Prakasam

              YSRCP was present opposition party in the AP Assembly with its leader as Jagan. The party has won 67 seats out of 175 seats in Andhra Pradesh. The party has won 3 seats out of 119 seats in Telangana in 2014 elections

              This party has got 7 MLA’s out of ten seats in the Nellore district in the election of 2014. Now all the seven MLA’s are leaving this party. The remaining 3 seats are won by TDP. TDP is the ruling party. With YRS CP having zero seats in Nellore district. Nellore district  is completely washed out by the Ruling party getting 10 seats in the district.

              YSRCP has got 6 MLA’s out of  12 seats in the prakasam district in the election of 2014. Now all the six MLAs are leaving the party. The remaining 5 seats are won by TDP and another seat is won by Navodaya party. Now the six member are leaving YSR. Now the YSRCP is completely washed out in this district. The majority of the seats is won by Ruling party.

              Therefore the YSRCP which is having majority wins in the Nellore and Prakasam districts has now lost all the winning constituencies to the ruling party due to development process done by its leader N. Chandrababu Naidu